Vietnamese Caramel Fish with GalangalVietnamese Caramel Fish with Galangal

Bored with Your #StayHome Meals?

Create A Little Bite of the World at Home

Online Cooking Classes – $49 (or Demo-only $35)

Learn essential cooking skills and dishes to impress your guests, guided by your “Personal Chefs” – Victor and Wanitha… loved by their students for their ability to make gourmet cooking accessible to all…

I highly recommend the online cooking classes with VictorsFood. Really interactive and fun!
Leanne Wiseman Hospitality Trainer June 2020
Victor gives fun, friendly and detailed instructions to cook food from all around the world.  Recommend to all types of cooks – beginner to advanced.
Andrew Harris ASQ Project Management Pty Ltd June 2020
 Your recipes in my folder are among my most prized! I love the idea of online cooking classes.
Enda Markey Managing Director/Producer July 2020
I loved it was interactive AND especially that you were there for us to ask questions…high value
Sheena Boughen July 2020

You make an exciting, restaurant-quality meal to share in the comfort of your own home, taught under the guidance of experienced educators & professional chefs

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No time for hands-on? Demo-only $35

If you don’t have the time or need for the hands-on tutorial, just join us for the fun & fascinating 40-minute demo and learn what you need to know to make the dishes when you’re ready. You still get the recipes, shopping & equipment lists and video skills demonstration links.

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Can’t Get a Restaurant for your Get Together?

Cook Your Own Meal!

How It Works

  1. Several days before the class: we email you a Zoom video call link, the recipes, shopping & equipment lists, plus links to training videos for key cooking skills you’ll need (like chopping!)
  2. A day or two before the class: you do your shopping at your favourite shops
  3. On the day: get your ingredient prep ready & knives sharp!
  4. Log On: Classes run for 2 hours as we show you how to do key steps & help you with your cooking.
  5. When you’re done, you’ll have a meal ready to share and “Wow!” your guests!

Your Instructors – Victor Pisapia & Wanitha Tanasingam

…. Award-winning chef and culinary adventurer Victor Pisapia … Charismatic Wanitha Tanasingam – “The Love Goddess” – in all her glory

We sacrifice our bodies for your food

Renowned by their countless students for being fantastic teachers – patient, knowledgeable and inspiring, Victor & Wanitha will be there for you, guiding your key steps along the way, assured of success…

Feel your world expand as they teach, entertain and guide you to create “a little bite of the world” to share.

Learn more: see our short video about your chef/teachers and our strong passion for our art.


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About VictorsFood

Over many, many years, we’ve successfully taught many tens of thousands of people to cook and enjoy it!

Saturday, October 16 2021 - Mole and Tamales - VMX37


Learn how to make Mexican Mole and tamales from scratch…

Learn all about the almighty “Chilli”, and how to use chillies for their flavours as well as their heat. Featuring the famous Puebla dish of “mole poblano” (chicken in chocolate chilli sauce), you will also create some wonderful dishes to accompany this taste sensation plus “little bundles of joy” tamales!
This class is for those who want to spend a bit more time learning a “classic” dish that is a major part of the rich colourful history of Mexico. Victor helped create the Mexican food revolution in Australia, taking it from ‘the same seven ingredients rolled differently” to a cuisine respected for its subtle complexity. This recipe was published in Gourmet Traveller so note you will be the host of the moment when you make this for your friends. This particular class is suitable for cooks with a big thirst for knowledge.

Price: A$149.00

Date: October 16, 2021

Start Time: 11:00 am
End Time: 2:30 pm

Available Spaces: 8

Saturday, November 27 2021 - Vietnam-easy - VMY89

From the bustling streets of Saigon to genteel Hanoi...

We offer you easy-to-do Vietnamese recipes that are sure to impress. From making your own crispy spring rolls to amazing dipping sauces, Vietnamese prawn pancake, succulent Vietnamese pork chops, calamari & pomelo salad, you will be thrilled by the full, fresh flavours of Vietnamese food you will be able to create. This class will introduce you to Vietnamese spring rolls, Vietnamese pork chop, calamari pomelo salad. Cook for the family or friends and have your own dinner party (and let them help wash up!)

Price: A$149.00

Date: November 27, 2021

Start Time: 11:00 am
End Time: 2:30 pm

Available Spaces: 8