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Cooking Class Testimonials

After every class, we ask our guests what they think of our service.

Rated Experience Excellent/Very Good
Would do another Victorsfood Event
Would recommend us to others
I know I must look like a suck-up giving everything an excellent rating, but the lesson really was excellent and exceeded expectations. Victor has a way of making you feel like you’ve known him all your life and Galit was so knowledgeable and made you feel really relaxed and explained things so well it’s made me want to book in for the next class!
Kate Arnold
The memory of that wonderful food and Wanitha’s sunny smile has brightened the last couple of rather grey rainy days. I must admit I wondered how a good boy from the US of A, like you Victor, could attempt Malaysian Hawker food, but I didn’t remember you had Wanitha in your batterie de cuisine! She is fabulous value and a truly lovely person and a perfect match for your course. You have contributed so much in Sydney over the years, and continue to do so with these classes and now your tours.
Learning from Victor is like being taught by a soul generous in spirit and encouragement. The ideal teacher…
Not Quite Nigella
Absolutely fantastic experience (again). I will be back for more, for sure!
James Wright,
Anyone can read a cook book and take it from there. Victor’s cooking classes are a great opportunity to learn from a superb chef who is able to teach in a relaxed environment – a real experience.
Jason Denisenko, (One of our many regulars)
I think they’re great social events, and I’ve learned lots from every one I’ve done.
Enda Markey, (One of our many regulars)
It was excellent, and exceeded my expectations. I have already encouraged some friends to book a cooking class.
Colin Porter
A VictorsFood cooking class was a great birthday gift for my husband. The class was very comprehensive and we enjoyed a lovely meal. We left with great recipes to use and impress. Worth driving over the bridge for and would highly recommend it. So much fun; Great way to spend the day.
Leanne Ring
The end result of the cooking class was amazing. It was a bonding experience to sit down with people I barely knew and enjoy a hearty and delicious meal together which we had all contributed to in one way or another.
Penny Whitfield
I’ve never done a cooking class, as I’m a reasonable cook, but I found this class immensely enjoyable and would do another in a heartbeat.
Vanessa Joubert
A really fun day out. My husband and I both learnt new skills, and found the anecdotal stories and helpful hints really interesting. The cooking class catered to all skills and interests.
Dianne Harper
The cooking class with Victor at EQ was a fantastic experience. Everything was so well organised. Victor has eyes everywhere, making sure that everybody learns to the max and has fun doing it! We created an unbelievably exquisite meal and I went home feeling totally nourished, both body and soul. Thank you, Victor and team!
Dominique Beck, True Local Review
I loved the fact it wasn’t just about cooking but the enjoyment of cooking, of sharing food and even the history of food. The enthusiasm of the cooking class presenters was contagious and they encouraged questions. It whetted my appetite for more!
Paola Matthews
The cooking class on Sat was mentally a breakthrough. I have more confidence around the kitchen from sourcing the products to cooking to finding short cuts when things go wrong.
Andrew Harris, (One of our many regulars)
We found the cooking class thoroughly enjoyable and are looking forward to plying our new skills with friends!
Damian O’Keeffe
A big thank you for a fun, exciting and educational cooking class! Food was scrumptious not to mention healthy!

I am looking forward to re-creating the dishes for family and friends and using my newly acquired cooking skills for future cooking endeavours. I will be sure to recommend your services to family and friends and will definitely consider your other cooking classes.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for making the cooking class a fabulous Mexican culinary adventure. It really advanced my learning to have someone so dynamic and passionate sharing valuable knowledge and experience with us.

The setting, with its wonderful view, was perfect and the music definitely helped to create an energetic and creative vibe. The result of everyone’s combined effort was delicious and sitting down together to share the different dishes was a great way to finish. I tried the salad yesterday and it was pretty successful. Next time…

Penny Whitfield, (One of our many regulars)
The food was fantastic, the company fun and you and your stories plus method of teaching made for a great cooking class experience! I have been spreading the news to let others know what a fun food experience it was! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Elva Churches, (One of our many regulars)
Thank you for another Wonderful & Fun day! Once again a successful learning experience, great food, interesting guests!! What a great way to spend the fourth of July! While there, I waxed eloquently on how much fun I thought your Paella & Tapas cooking class will be. I just hope so many did not request a spot that there is not room for me!!
Elva Churches, Again!
Thanks to Victor & Greg not only for the fantastic cooking class & experience, but the wonderful stories & company!
Toni Allan & Scott Simpson
I was a little apprehensive about tackling a Mexican cookery class because although I love eating Mexican food, I haven’t had much experience of cooking it. However, I forced myself out of my comfort zone to brave the challenge of baring my ignorance in front of 11 complete strangers.

As soon as I arrived, my mood instantly lifted. Not only did I find parking without too much difficulty but the apartment where the class was held was light and airy with fabulous views. Vibrant music wound its way through the room around the large wooden table and counter where most of the action would be taking place and a bottle of wine stood, cap off, at the ready for those of us who needed a little liquid encouragement.

All of the novices wore chef’s hats with our names written on them which made us feel familiar and comfortable with each other from the start. Victor introduced himself and also his colleague and friend Tawnya and then gave us an illuminating talk on Mexican food, his extensive experiences of cooking with it and eating it here, and more particularly in Mexico and the States. We were also given various different Mexican ingredients to try with information on where we could purchase them. This information was also written down on a fact sheet to take home. Finally he gave us a brief and extremely helpful lesson in knife skills.

We were then split into two groups; six of us led by Victor and the other six by Tawnya and shared the task between us of creating the different recipes that Victor had put together for our class that day. We worked steadily, both individually and as teams, helping each other with chopping and cutting, taking turns to wash bowls and swapping culinary confessions all the while.

Some of us were noticeably more experienced cooks than others but we all seemed to recognise our strengths and work towards the common goal – of getting the food ready in time to be able to sit down and eat it in a relaxed and orderly fashion.

The end result was amazing. It was a bonding experience to sit down with people I barely knew and enjoy a hearty and delicious meal together which we had all contributed to in one way or another.

Victor and Tawnya are both very talented chefs, and patient and gifted teachers who really know their subject matter well. Victor brings a tremendous passion, vibrancy and inspiration to the class and shows a real interest in the cooking and eating habits of his pupils while Tawnya projects a steady good humour and great sense of fun and provides a calming influence (along with the wine) for any frayed nerves.

I learnt some very useful information at the class as well as meeting interesting new people. I can definitely recreate some, though not all, of the dishes we cooked and I have a far better overview of the Mexican cuisine and its many varied ingredients. I would highly recommend this class and would definitely sign up for another one.

Penny Whitfield, True Local Review
Cooking with Victor is a feast for the senses: tendrils of heady, aromatic, spice-infused steam wafting from simmering pots; a riot of colour tossed in a sizzling wok; a spoon dipped, sipped, tastebuds zinging in response to rich, complex flavours; the heft of a razor sharp knife held in the hand, the wonder as it slices surely, evenly through fresh, yielding produce; Victor’s voice, patiently, masterfully tutoring, his manner calm and focused, every word fascinating; or Wanitha’s excited, bubbly, passionate delivery, her larger than life personality imparting her own delicious, unexpected style.

Above all there is the feeling of community, that incredible, elusive sense of “all is one” that comes from surrendering totally to a shared purpose. So many different hands, so many different personalities, chopping, slicing, stirring, blending, grilling, frying, tasting, working together in blissful harmony till at last the sumptuous array of dishes is complete and laid out on the long table.

Learning achieved, creative juices spent, it is a deeply satisfying feeling to relax around a communal table together, sipping wine, conversing with new friends, enjoying the superb city views and sharing the fruits of your labour. And, oh, what fruit! Every one of Victor’s classes is so different in terms of the cuisine it presents, but each culminates in a superb feast of mouth wateringly luscious fare that is rapidly devoured by happy, contented cooks, still filled with wonder at their new found culinary skills and achievements.

Be warned, these cooking classes are dangerously addictive! Attend one and you will be eager to sign up to learn about another, and yet another cuisine. You will leave with a very full belly, deeply satisfied and armed not only with recipes to reproduce the feast you have just enjoyed, but also with more useful tips, gleaned in just a few short hours, than you have probably accumulated in a lifetime of cooking! Enjoy it all… I sure did!

Judy Passlow, (One of our many regulars)