BBQ Cooking Classes

Are you looking for a BBQ Cooking Classes in Sydney? Look no further! VictorsFood offers a range of BBQ cooking classes where you can learn to cook ribs, chicken, even veggies on your bbq. As always, classes are suitable for novices and experienced cooks. You help make a number of recipes hands-on, with some demonstration, and an interactive part where knife skills are taught as well as kitchen basics.

A list of our current BBQ cooking classes is below. You can also check our proposed classes and express your interest for future classes.

Saturday, February 13 2021 - Summer in Santorini Greece - VSG08


Summer in Santorini Greece

Learn about and experience “the healthiest cuisine in the world”. Victor travelled to the Greek Islands for years leading food tours and returned with fabulous recipes and stories. You will learn about olives and olive oil, and make and eat wonderful purees of aubergine and fava, octopus simmered in red wine, and prawns saganaki, just to name a few… Come and immerse yourself in the flavours of Greece and say “Yasu!” as you create and enjoy the best of the Mediterranean.

Price: A$149.00

Date: February 13, 2021

Start Time: 11:00 am
End Time: 2:30 pm

Available Spaces: 0
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